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Religious Education DeepDive Plus

A unique online tool for doing a religious education deep dive (and more) combined with an engaging workshop and 12 months one-to-one support.

More than a religious education deep dive for Ofsted readiness.

Covers more than intent, implementation and impact.

Includes a religious education subject tool and a workshop.

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Why religious education subject leaders love the deep dive tool.

Engaging and easy to use. 

The beautifully simple interface is based on a literal abacus with sliding beads. There are no complex menus or confusing dashboards. Religious Education subject leaders love it.

A trusted, proven approach. 

The tool is based on the Abacus model. It guides religious education subject leaders through a proven process that's help thousands of educators think and plan strategically.

Latest Ofsted and DfE criteria. 

The tool is loaded with the latest Ofsted and DfE frameworks, saving religious education subject leaders time and helping them better understand outstanding provision.

Instant, one-click PDF reports. 

The tool automatically converts religious education evaluations and action plans into clear and concise reports which are perfect for sharing with school leaders and inspectors.

Collaboration built-in. 

The tool enables religious education subject leaders to collaborate with colleagues. It facilitates peer-support, shared evaluations, 360° reviews and team-based action planning.

Much more than a deep dive.

Yes, the tool helps religious education leaders answer Ofsted questions about intent, implementation and impact - but it also looks at wider aspects of reading provision.

Religious Education Deep Dive Workshop

In addition to providing the online tool we host a workshop to empower religious education subject leaders.

Covers a reading 'deep dive' and a wider religious education self-evaluation and strategic action plan.

Increases confidence in preparation for questions from school or trust leaders and Ofsted inspectors.

Goes beyond the evaluation of curriculum intent, implementation and impact to consider other factors.

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Book a demo for a FREE trial

Book a short online meeting with us - then try the tool FREE for 30 days. 








Ofsted research reviews

Deep Dive Plus uses criteria from series of reviews by Ofsted looking at the research evidence currently available about different curriculum subjects.
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